Latex Seals

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The Best Latex Seals in the World! 


Rubber is our core business and we have been doing it for decades. We add our specially formulated compound to our dive gear production to obtain a combination of high flexibility and a long lifespan.  The coating of our G-Dive Latex Seals protects the proteins inside the latex from UV and ozone which normally wear down the latex.

Our main production is warm dipping of Latex products, which is a very unique production method and gives the products a clear advantage compared with traditional latex production. With this method we can manage and control the thickness very precisely and get consistent products.

G-Dive Latex Seals For Drysuit​

Latex Seals for DrySuits



Flexible Production and Innovation 


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For decades we have supplied our customers with more than just seals, gloves, and miscellaneous parts and pieces.   We are a business partner and a trusted provider of comprehensive products and technical solutions.  We provide a solid guarantee, fast and friendly service, and incredible flexibility. 

Our mission is to listen to our client's specific needs and deliver high performance products through continuous product innovation and production excellence.  

  • Custom made seals
  • Customer specific products
  • Customer specific thickness and tolerances.

Custom Made