Long Conical Wrist - Double Dipped


Long Conical Wrist - Double Dipped

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Long conical Wrist Seals feature an 14" 35cm Mounting circumference and the mounting is flexible due to the shape. The Long Conical is an extended, tapered cone shape. Also known as the Viking model, this design offers up to a 14” mounting circumference, which gives users more material to customize mounting. 

Standard is thick at mounting and thinner at the wrist. Heavy duty is thick all the ways. 

Sold as a pair (two).

There are three different styles of “cone” shaped wrist seals: Conical, Long Conical, and Semi-Conical. The Conical has a tapered cone shape. The Long Conical has more material and is similar to the seals found on Viking brand drysuits. The cone shaped design is ideal if you have thin wrists or a standard seal leaks when you grab and hold something (causing the tendons to become very prominent at your wrist.) They are available in a variety of options for mounting and wrist sizing.